• Harland Works Repair Cafe

    Harland Works Repair Cafe

    It started in September 2022 when we held our first, trial repair cafe. Staffed by amazing volunteers we offered skills in fixing household electrical items (think toasters, coffee makers, hoovers, printers…), laptops, phones, bicycles, things needing stitching and wooden items.

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  • Reyt Repair

    Reyt Repair

    Clothes – Furniture – Electricals. Reyt Repair is working in Sheffield to reduce waste, save money, and bring people together.

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  • Penistone, People and Planet

    Penistone, People and Planet

    We at Penistone, People and Planet care about our local community and the surrounding areas as well as communities all around the world. We aim to raise awareness on issues relating to International Development, Refugee Crisis, and Climate Action.

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  • Nether Edge and Sharrow Sustainable Transformation

    Nether Edge and Sharrow Sustainable Transformation

    NESST, Nether Edge and Sharrow Sustainable Transformation, is a common endeavour by the community of Nether Edge and Sharrow to watch over, maintain and improve our urban environment.

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  • Hoylandswaine Bee Plus

    Hoylandswaine Bee Plus

    A community garden tended by volunteers on previously mown ‘turf desert’ to improve the diversity of food and habitat for bees and other pollinators and reconnect people, especially children, with nature.

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  • Start a Community Group

    Start a Community Group

    A group of residents in High Storrs got together to start a community-based climate action group

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  • High Storrs Environmental

    High Storrs Environmental

    High Storrs Environmental is a group of people living in the High Storrs area of Sheffield who have come together with a shared concern about climate change and the environment.

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  • Greener Greenhill

    Greener Greenhill

    We are a network of people living and working around Greenhill, Sheffield 8 who are keen to be involved in activities locally which make a difference to our environment in the face of the climate and nature crisis that affects Sheffield and South Yorkshire, as well as all other parts of the world.

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  • 60 Schools Take Part In Climate Conference

    60 Schools Take Part In Climate Conference

    The first ever Schools’ Climate Conference was held online in July, with 60 schools in attendance, learning more about their role in tackling climate change.

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