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Pioneering Kids Plant Over 3,000 Trees

Children are planting trees across Sheffield, enjoying the outdoors and learning new skills, as well as doing their bit to help make our planet a little bit greener.

Two toddlers in woolly hats and puddlesuits squatting down and patting the earth around a newly planted tree whip

Let’s celebrate success!

In 2020, children and families across Sheffield planted over 3000 trees, thanks to the hard work of Kids Plant Trees, an organisation which aims to protect our environment by connecting children with nature. Kids Plant Trees work closely with the Sheffield City Council Community Forestry team and local park community groups to identify suitable places to plant, and have many more planting events planned for 2021. 

One of their current campaigns is the Go Wild project, which aims to establish a wild play space in every school and public park in the city. Through this project, children are able to get outdoors, explore their surroundings and have fun with their friends and classmates. 

”We want our kids to grow up to love and respect nature.”

Anna Parkin, Kids Plant Trees

Their story

Concerned about the impact of climate change on their children and future generations, a group of parents came together to tackle the issue together, through inspiring their kids to connect with nature. They knew that trees were great for the planet, taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and providing safe havens for wildlife. 

As parents of young children, the idea of planting trees captured their imaginations – it combined a fun family activity with taking climate action. So, Kids Plant Trees was formed, with children and future generations at the heart of their mission. 

Kids Plant Trees want to ensure that young people develop the skills and resilience needed for an uncertain future. They aim to create the opportunity for every child to plant and care for numerous trees, learning how to nurture them into fully grown woodlands, and then learning how to live and work with trees to create a sustainable future for themselves.

Why is planting trees so important? 

One of the best ways to teach children about the environment is by connecting them to the natural world. To a child a woodland can be an adventure playground, a place to build dens, a home to diverse wildlife, and much more! By planting more trees, we are creating outdoor classrooms, where children can learn to respect and protect nature. 

Research has shown spending time outdoors in nature can improve our physical and mental wellbeing. Improving our health is essential to community resilience against the impacts of climate change, and Kids Plant Trees believe that every child should have access to local green spaces and woodland.

Woods are home to many different types of animals and plants, and planting trees can help wildlife flourish. From badgers and bats, to butterflies and beetles, there are thousands of native species that rely on woodland for survival. Trees can provide shelter and food for animals, working as part of complex ecosystems right here on our doorstep. Protecting woodlands is vital if we are going to teach our children about the wonderful wildlife we share our planet with. 

How they plan to grow

Kids Plant Trees have big plans for the future, and they are always looking for people to help! If you are a parent or guardian, they would love you to get involved.

Free planting events for families: The best time of year to plant trees is November to March, and Kids Plant Trees want to run as many events as possible during this season. They work across the city through their partnership with Sheffield City Council, and invite families to come along to plant trees, learn new skills and connect with nature.

Transforming school green space for children: Kids Plant Trees partner with schools to make their playgrounds greener. Planting projects involve planting outdoor classrooms, wildflower areas, new hedgerow – every school is different, so they work with the space available to create something unique. Schools usually do not receive additional funding for these projects, so Kids Plant Trees are raising funds to deliver and maintain the projects. 

Education programme for primary schools: Teaching our children about biodiversity will help them understand the importance of protecting our environment. Kids Plant Trees are researching and writing an educational programme that they want to turn into a free and accessible online resource for schools and parents. 

How can you take action? 

When we work together, we can create a more sustainable future for our planet. You can make a big difference through volunteering with Kids Plant Trees. You can contact them via Facebook or visit their website to find out.