High Storrs Environmental

High Storrs Environmental is a group of people living in the High Storrs area of Sheffield who have come together with a shared concern about climate change and the environment.

A pair of hands cupping soil in a field in the sun

We are keen to work together to find out more about some of the problems facing us, and about what we can do about them. 

The group was set up at the end of 2021, and – after consulting people living in the local streets – we have set up the following small groups to focus on particular activities:

  • Recycling
  • Litter-picking
  • Home insulation
  • Traffic congestion & public transport
  • Door-knocking & local discussion
  • Reuse/Repair

We have a Whatsapp group to share information and ideas, and are now starting to meet face-to-face again. Anyone who is interested to come along and get involved, or just talk to someone about their concerns, is more than welcome.

Link to High Storrs Environmental website here

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