Harland Works Repair Cafe

It started in September 2022 when we held our first, trial repair cafe. Staffed by amazing volunteers we offered skills in fixing household electrical items (think toasters, coffee makers, hoovers, printers…), laptops, phones, bicycles, things needing stitching and wooden items.

outside of cafe with chairs and table in a garden

Our fixers are all volunteers and offer skills to fix a range of things, so we can usually help you with any of the following at most cafes.

  • electrical household items
  • sewing repairs
  • knife sharpening
  • bike repairs
  • laptop and mobile phone repairs
  • wooden items repairs

If you would like to check what fixers are coming, you can contact us the week before – we should know then which volunteers are coming and what skills we’ll have on offer – call 07967 144230 or email info@harlandworks.co.uk.

Link to Harland Works Repair Cafe website here

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