Down to Earth Community Supplies Limited

Down to Earth is the original pioneering wholefood shop in Sheffield. Established in 1976.

Freshly harvested greens and vegetables in a wicker basket

Down to Earth Community Supplies was the first Cooperative Wholefood shop in Sheffield and a founder member of the Northern Wholefood Cooperative which established a Wholesale Distribution company called Suma…Today Suma is one of the biggest Cooperatives in the UK.

Over the forty years we have seen many businesses come and go. The fact that Down to Earth is still here is testament to the ideals it enshrined at its inception and which we have largely adhered to. It’s a major achievement. We know that these values have been shared by many of our customers some of whom have been shopping here from its opening day back in 1976 and before when it was in Crooksmoor. The best thing about being here for so long is that we feel part of the community that is Hunters Bar if not its heart then definitely its stomach. I have seen 3 generations of families be customers of ours and many a customer comes in to stock up on our Muesli etc to take to children or parent s who no longer live in Sheffield… Finally Down to Earth wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for our customers. So thank you to all our customers through the years old and new for supporting Down to Earth Community Supplies Limited.

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