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  • A Different Gear

    A Different Gear

    A Different Gear is a Heeley Trust community bike shop and workshop business and the income we generate is invested back into our local community.

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  • Bentley Urban Farm

    Bentley Urban Farm

    We are an award winning ‘upcycled market garden’ which uses reclaimed materials to encourage everyone to grow and share fresh, healthy food for the benefit of all. We are a cooperatively run social enterprise which encourages community-led change and collaborative regeneration.

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  • Down to Earth Community Supplies Limited

    Down to Earth Community Supplies Limited

    Down to Earth is the original pioneering wholefood shop in Sheffield. Established in 1976.

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  • Food Works

    Food Works

    We are building a more fair and sustainable food system for Sheffield. A third of all food produced globally is wasted. We don’t think that is right. It’s not good for people and it’s not good for the planet. We need to do better. Our aim is to be the first city in the UK…

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  • Green City Action

    Green City Action

    Green City Action is an established and award winning environmental charity, serving the diverse ward of Burngreave in Sheffield and the surrounding area.

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  • Greener Greenhill

    Greener Greenhill

    We are a network of people living and working around Greenhill, Sheffield 8 who are keen to be involved in activities locally which make a difference to our environment in the face of the climate and nature crisis that affects Sheffield and South Yorkshire, as well as all other parts of the world.

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  • Harland Works Repair Cafe

    Harland Works Repair Cafe

    It started in September 2022 when we held our first, trial repair cafe. Staffed by amazing volunteers we offered skills in fixing household electrical items (think toasters, coffee makers, hoovers, printers…), laptops, phones, bicycles, things needing stitching and wooden items.

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  • Heeley City Farm

    Heeley City Farm

    Heeley City Farm is a busy Urban Farm with 20 Local Food Growing Project Sites across Sheffield. Volunteers learn about organic growing and promote sustainable farming methods. Our 150 animals are all registered Rare Breeds, and our land management projects promote biodiversity and the protection and enhancement of natural assets and green spaces. 

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  • High Storrs Environmental

    High Storrs Environmental

    High Storrs Environmental is a group of people living in the High Storrs area of Sheffield who have come together with a shared concern about climate change and the environment.

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  • Hoylandswaine Bee Plus

    Hoylandswaine Bee Plus

    A community garden tended by volunteers on previously mown ‘turf desert’ to improve the diversity of food and habitat for bees and other pollinators and reconnect people, especially children, with nature.

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