Community Actions

What can Communities do that Individuals can’t?

  • Communities


    Communities across South Yorkshire are coming together to take positive, practical steps to help tackle the climate and nature emergencies in their own neighbourhoods.

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  • Find an activity

    Find an activity

    We’re starting to collect here ideas for community-based activities and initiatives, examples of activities community groups have tried, projects they have undertaken and their stories. Some may provide a flash of inspiration, others an opportunity to share experience and learning.

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  • Hold An E-bike Try-Out

    Hold An E-bike Try-Out

    Hold an ‘e-bike trial’ for people who might by interested in buying an electric bike. Local people who already have an e-bikes could let others have a go on them to find out what they’re like. 

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  • Organise A Guided Bird-Song Walk

    Organise A Guided Bird-Song Walk

    Organise a guided bird-song recognition walk in your local area. This is great for well-being and connecting with nature, and can lead to conversations about how we can help nature in our own homes and outdoor spaces.  Greener Greenhill have tried this activity – to find out more about what they did check out their Facebook…

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  • Hold A Bike MOT Session

    Hold A Bike MOT Session

    Hold a ‘Bike MOT’ session where people can bring their bikes along for minor repairs or adjustments. Find volunteers who know how to fix bikes or see if your local bike shop can help out.

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